Hoppy Easter Babies

Stickers for Moms Birthday card.

Ry’s first real easter egg hunt happened on Friday night at the grandparents house with all the aunts, uncles and her cousin. The girls had a blast with their little pails searching high and mostly low (with help from the peanut gallery) to find all the real coloured eggs that they dyed last week. Then, there were a bunch of chocolate ones, and some plastic ones filled with treats. This search kept them busy for a while, until they found their green bunny baskets, also full of goodies; namely stickers and books, which would surely please any toddler. They sat beside each other and sorted their loot, while onlooker aunties helped to read the new books and peel off stickers to paste on any body part they saw fit; even belly buttons were game. They were Hoppy Easter Babies.

For dinner, we had a delicious turkey dinner, where the girls devoured their corn on the cob faster than any adult at the table, and barely touched the meat and potatoes (or at least Ry). For desert, chocolate ice cream was a hit with the little ladies. Let’s watch the sugar burn off for a while before bedtime okay?! (Our sleep that night was terrible).

Happy Day Mom Mom

Easter Sunday was my birthday, and we started with another egg hunt. After finding and gathering 8 plastic eggs (leaving all m&m’s inside undiscovered, phew), she spotted the big basket complete with more stickers and a book, and some free floating mini eggs, which were a precursor to a breakfast of champions.

She then helped me open a BIG birthday present (a new fancy artisan paddle for our collection in Invermere) from grandma, and presented me with a homemade card that her and dad conjured up. It was beautiful and covered in stickers, which she proceeded to remove immediately once it was back in her hot little hands. I will save it forever as a memento of the 400 easter themed stickers that have been plastered on my body and clothing and grandma’s house in the last week. Most have become incognito until I am out in public then are discovered by myself, or worse, by others.

Sunday was busy, as we prepared to host 24 relatives at my mom’s place for turkey dinner and birthday cake. Ry did really well with the crowd and was only fly papered to me for the first hour, then she grew a bit of courage to explore with my cousins little guys (5 and 3), steal her Mr Potato from them, or hesitate to share her indoor slide. She was certainly popular at the party, and received boat loads of attention from her aunties and uncles alike.

Desert was once again a hit with little miss sweet tooth, and although cake was her favourite word of the night, she devoured an iced Easter cookie that Auntie made her complete with an “R” and two full Olaf cups of Almond Milk. Sleep was mysteriously elusive again this evening….. I can’t imagine why our little introverted sugar-holic had any issues. Um, after this weekend maybe its time for a sugar free intervention.

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