Family Time

Windermere Lake (low season)

This past week was a bit hectic, but we did have the chance to catch up on some family time, on Wednesday we took Rylie over to her cousin’s house and let the girls reacquaint themselves after a couple of months apart. They emptied all the toys out of two rooms, and were quite happy playing side by side. We did bring them together for about 15 minutes to fly through painting and colouring 2 dozen eggs. Looking at the carnage following this brief craft, you call tell Ry was happy being a messy tornado with her red gobs of paint, and Emma was a tidy little dye dipper on her side of the table. Can’t wait to see these girls find their eggs on Easter morning at grandma’s house.

The next day, we took our cram packed Boss Hog up to “the lake” this weekend to unload basically all of our worldly possessions (trailer trash, haha) into our only current residence, where it was very clear we already had way too much stuff. Qeue the anti-hoarder in both of us, because its gonna be a weekend to de clutter and organize this place.

Both Ry and Nixon were glad to be home, and both seem relaxed here and happy to see their toys. It’s nice to have our dishwasher, washing machine, and a little space to spare. The weather was decent as well, so I had the chance to take Rylie down to the beach for a look, blew some bubbles in the front yard, and we snuck in a quick trip to the park (why are the slides always wet when I have to ride them?!

The highlight of the the trip for Ry, watching her Dad ride her bike and taking the skateboard for rip down the hill. This all ended with a face plant into the asphalt. Apparently bike helmets are top heavy.

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