Extra Days

Pig tales x2

Well, we’ve inadvertently added a couple extra days to our California adventure. For 3 days Nixon absolutely refused to eat, then spent a couple nights wretching and spilling his lunch in our trailer (on the only tiny piece of carpet that we have of course). That lead to a quick trip to the vet, including a blood test, an x-ray and a few hundred dollars. The diagnosis? Inflamed intestines from what we can only assume came from drinking recycled run-off at the dog park when he was trying to swim in a puddle. He’s now on a meager regimen of white rice, canned pumpkin, and soft canned dog food. And for desert, a broad spectrum antibiotic. This all occurred a couple days prior to our planned Christmas trip to Calgary, so we called the airline and delayed our flight until Monday just incase. We had literally just checked into our flights, and paid the baggage fees when his stomach started to turn again for the worst. It appears it was the right decision to delay, as we didn’t want to leave him with a stranger when he wasn’t feeling himself. Today he already seems to be on the mend.

We are trying our best to be festive and to put these extra days to good use. Last night, we attended the campground Christmas dinner party where Rylie had a great time playing on the floor and eating crayons with the young kids colouring, stealing presents from under the tree, loudly rearranging the furniture by pushing it across the floor, and clearing the dirty plates and cutlery from the table…. splat. We tested our religious abilities at the Christmas trivia game, and we actually answered some questions right.

Rylie is also enjoying a sweet find from the nearby thrift store for an early Christmas gift. We picked up an awesome preloved Little Tikes indoor slide. She’s currently mastering it not only by climbing it and going down continuously, but by pushing the entire rig end to end in our trailer. $25 worth of fun. Nixon prefers to reside outside during this activity. A day ago he was happy to see her little pink jeep disappear, making his floor space safe to lounge on once again, only to discover the slide came to replace it and is much bigger.

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