A Family Escape

Meeting Mickey Mouse

Well, after three weeks away from the trailer (we had been staying nearby with one set of grandparents or the other, at the condo my mom rented) we are finally back here in the land of “dogs and babies are allowed… but not really welcome”. More on that later…

We were into a good routine at the condo, gymnastics for Rylie, spin class for me, lots of grandma visiting, and a daily, after-nap-swim, before dog walk.

Then, to change things up, last weekend we were lucky enough to spend the weekend at Disneyland with Josh’s family (parents, brother, sister, their significant others and our nearly 2 year old niece). We had a great time exploring all the rides and attractions for the third time in as many months.

Though, this time, because we had the grandparents along, we got to sneak away and do a few “adult” rides both during the day and after the girls were asleep, thanks to our built in babysitters. The fastpass was our best friend, and helped us to see way more in less time, like space mountain, and runaway train.

The girls favourite ride (no surprise) was Dumbo, but due to the long lines, they “settled” for repeat carousel and teacup rides. They were both troopers after we dragged them on a couple of questionable things (the DARK, scary submarines, or mr toads dark and LOUD adventure, and buzz lightyear’s shooting aliens in the DARK), but at least we spared them from pirates of the Caribbean this time.

Both days in a row Rylie threw us for a loop and fell asleep in the carrier on the walk back to the hotel at noon (which royally screws with the day as she will a, sleep a short 40 min, or b, even worse wake up on transferring to her crib). Either way, you’re screwed in the sleep department, and we did waste some good quality Disney time trying.

Rylie got to spend one night in Palm Springs with her cousin Emma and they enjoyed swimming in the pool, reading books, playing with the dumpster-rescued kitchen, and jumping in the playpen (like monkeys on the bed) together. They grudgingly adjusted to sharing their grandparents also. The rest of the week we enjoyed some more quality time with Josh’s parents before they too headed home.

As for the stupid RV park, some lady basically told us to get out of the pool with Rylie today because the rules say “no diaper age kids are allowed”. To appease her I read the rules…It was there, right above the sentence that reads “incontinent people of ANY age are required to wear the proper swim (read diaper) garments”. So, which is it? They are allowed, or aren’t they?! First of all our toddler is old enough not to just randomly “dump” at any time of day, and second, I’m pretty sure there are old “farts” out there who let ‘em rip in that pool with a little extra luggage. I felt like saying (because I’d read this statistic before), “did you know that with those 5 people in that hot tub with you, there’s an average of a tablespoon of poop?” but I did not.

Alas, Rylie and I sat in the 1ft deep kiddie pool for 10 minutes and pretended we were swimming. But, to get even with this place, I told Josh on our last day we could do all the things we aren’t allowed to do, like ride our skateboards to the pool with our baby in diapers, then haphazardly, let our dog loose to frolic and possibly poop ( I would pick it up and I always do) in the areas marked (and open for interpretation) “this is not a dog run” just in spite. If they don’t want dogs on the grass they could just say so. Then, after breaking all their stupid rules we will flee to our next destination as fugitives, never to return again! Muhaha.

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