Waxing and whinning

Josh is pictured below waxing MY board, because I think I threatened after the last surf day (“rattled with salt”) that it would be otherwise unused, unless it was hanging nicely on our wall. And as much as I’d like to say he forced me back onto the “proverbial horse” (which I hate by the way), I must admit that there is a competitive side of me that does not like to be challenged to fail. I do WANT to like surfing, I am just having a hard time doing so, and I believe this is because of mother natures total control, versus mine at none. Other board sports I have taken on side over the past 10 years; snowboarding, wakeboarding, and with much initial opposition, wake surfing. And, so with this success behind me, I would imagine eventual surrender to the power of the wave is in the near future. However, I think I have learned that if the “surf” guys say its “good”, the waves will be monstrous, so I would like to ride when its mediocre or “not so good” for the next, oooh, good chunk of time.  We were informed yesterday of www.wetsand.com to study the wave patterns and swells in the area and at least this may provide us with an idea of size before we head out (or rather watch from the beach). And, I guess I should add that yesterday’s ride was pretty decent, although we were waiting for some time between catch-able waves, I think it helped us get back on our feet, so to speak. Josh is now threatening me with “tomorrow” before the swell hits again this weekend. Eeeek.  


As a side note if you’re ever in the Puerto Vallarta area or better yet find your way to Punta De Mita check out http://escuelitasurfschool.com. Antonio, Alex & Jello (pronounced Hey-Yo not Jello) will have you up and riding in minutes. Classes are small, generally one to one instruction.

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