Mexican Cocina

And now, debuting for the very first time on J squared, the much anticipated “What are YOU eating” post complete with pictures from various locations like La Cruz and Punta de Mita.

This beautiful sign was spotted across the park in the Plaza in La Cruz after a family of four (Yes, us) walked 40 minutes in the sweltering afternoon sun from a beach over yonder. Just minutes after one of its members wished for a cool down such as a popsicle (probably me). Not just any popsicle stand however, this was a homemade popsicle store!! As you can see below, there are so many flavours to choose from, how on earth can a person just pick one?! I can say that if I had a cooler at that particular point in time, we would have gone home with many MANY more. These delicious treats go for only 10 pesos ($1.00) Note the ones in the middle are chocolate with sprinkles and coconut, and on the outer edge are all the kinds of fruit you can imagine, including “mixed fruit”. YUM. We will be sure to take our guests for a treat when they come.

store that sells home made popsicle

so many to choose from

Now this particular place, as seen below on the homemade sign out front, is THE talk of the town, well at least here at the condo complex. We heard great things about the “one dollar tacos”, and so last Sabado (Saturday) evening with Josh’s parents we decided to test them out on their last night in PV. The restaurant was easily located as the streets were lined with foreign plates as gringos from everywhere were seeking the best taco’s in town. We even had to wait for a table, the place was so packed. We also noticed that they’re open an extra night during the week. Unfortunately I will be requiring a break from taco eating for a while, because (completely unrelated to the tacos) shortly after, I was ill from 24 hours before following an interesting gastro experience in Sayulita.

tacos on the street

The crowd at dusk, enjoying tacos and drinks. This place is actually the owners home, which they turn into a restaurant for the 4 taco nights per week, which we heard used to be only 2 nights per week, then 3, but from popular demand, they’ve expanded their hours. I think these guys know how to do business, its by far the busiest place in town. The food comes so fast, you don’t have time to get hungry.

the crowd at tacos on the street

Note below, the taco “combo” plate which includes a taco, a tostada, and a quesadilla (for 15-20 pesos each or $1.50-2.00). I completely recommend the quesadilla. And, one note of advice if you plan to visit Taco’s on the Street, they don’t have a liquor licence, so bring your cooler full of Corona’s, XX, Modelo, whatever you like, or bring a “go cup” of your favorite bevvie. We opted for the Fanta and Coke bebidos at this meal.

eating tacos on the street

Today we decided to head to Punta de Mita for some surfing, and while the weather was beautiful, as always, the waves were not as such. It was a lake out there. We went for a walk down the beach, and to kill some time and wait for some waves, we had a drink at our fave restaurant “El Coral” and then this guy rolls up out of nowhere. It’s the homemade ICE CREAM cart. Hello. I’ll take some of that please, complete with waffle cone for 20 pesos ($2.00). It was lunch. Lucky for me, soon after this we caught up to a couple small, few & far between waves. Another thing we learned today is that its not just about the wave height, its also about the time of low tide, as getting back in was a real challenge through the rocks and corals. But, we burned off some ice cream nonetheless.


The last picture, different from all the others, is our homecooked meal from last night’s dinner. We enjoy a nice easy meal once in a while, well on lots of days actually, and so this one was a tuna MELT, and yes, I turned on the oven for these ones. On the side, we have a set of Coronas, regular for Josh and a little baby Coronita for a lush like me. Mom, please note the vegetables and fruit as a side. Some things never change, as our staple veg here is also CARROTS, and the bag of not opened spinach is going bad as we speak, just like home. : )


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