Flying Super Sonic = Concord

Yesterday, Josh and I decided to go take a ride on the Concord here in Barbados! Following a nifty and informative tour we were able to climb on board, assess those leather seats for comfort, and hang out near the excessively outfitted cockpit.

Concord Barbados

tea on Concord

under concord

It was well worth the visit, and our friendly and informative flight attendant had some great facts to share.

How fast it gets up to Mach 1 and top speed is more than Mach 2
The sonic boom is continuous not the initial brief noise as some would assume.
The shell heats to more than boiling point if water and stretches 7 inches in flight,
How the engines are equipped to slow the speed of air coming inside so they don’t blow up.
How fuel is moved around inside to balance weight in flight
How there is 80% less turbulence than on a regular flight and how it flies at 60,000 ft instead of 35,000 ft
How the nose points downward for takeoff and landing so the pilots can see the ground to land.
Why the windows are so tiny, the pilots are so experienced, where and when it flew, and why the nose has a long pin like stabber on it.
Check it out if you’re in Barbados because there aren’t any other fully assembled Concord’s left to see!!