Goodbye trailer. It’s You, Not Us.

Camp at KOA

As for our cozy little abode, we’ve been cleaning and tidying and getting ready to list it for sale when we get back next week. It’s a little bitter sweet moving on after so long. At first I was skeptical that we would make it 5 months in here, but looking back it was a pretty good “ride”. I think we’ll all miss it for the same reasons we are done with it, here’s a couple to name a few…

The kitchen is tiny and I can watch Ry while she plays and I make dinner. I love that everything is close by, and right at your fingertips. I LOVE that her toys and books are right there. I HATE that its so small and everything is all in your way! Including toys right under your feet.

A unsupervised Rylie
A unsupervised Rylie

The space is cramped and sound travels. I LOVE that we can all just hang out in the same space. I love napping when the baby naps. I HATE that we have to hang out in the same space and be quiet so as to not wake our light little sleeper. I am tired of napping… okay, I would like to wander and do other things in addition to napping and not have to whisper and tip toe.

The dog hair and dirt. It’s great having all the hair confined in one space, its much easier to clean. I HATE SO much dog hair and dirt in a tiny space it feels like its always dirty.

But, with that said, I think we are done here and ready to move on. Another great chapter is nearly over…once we are safely back home that is. I am a little curious to see how flying alone with a toddler will be, since I can’t recall the last time I’ve flown without Josh (I wanna say never?!) it could be interesting.

For those wondering, this is not the end of our blog. Its just the end of this journey. We’re planing to keep blogging, and keep traveling.

Trailer for sale: $27,900 Canadian. – Goodbye Trailer, It’s You, Not us.

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