Heavy Hearted

This morning I woke with a very heavy heart, after the announcement was made yesterday that the majority of our dad’s company would be sold to a fellow competitor and friend of our dad’s. I realize that because of this, many people’s lives will be changed, though I hope that with one door closing, another will open and provide a wealth of opportunity and more security and stability than working for our company has been over the last 4 years.

It has been nearly that long since we lost our dad to Leukemia, and with it we took on the responsibility and stress of his large company. This was a difficult time in the market and the recession had hit shortly before he passed away. With the help of our advisors, a new board of directors, and his good friend as executor and CEO, and all the staff and trades, we made it through the worst part and came out on the other side.

The potential idea of a sale has lingered over our heads since dad passed away, and emotionally it was the last choice we wanted to make. My sister and I have “lived” alongside  this company since we were born, and with both our parents, and countless friends and family members working there over the years (including ourselves) it was something we’ve never known to be without, nor can we imagine to be without it. It is who we are as a family, for better and for worse.

 Over the last 4 years we have turned down a number of opportunities and offers to sell the company hoping that we could continue to see it grow and to continue our dad’s legacy, though realizing that eventually we would need a succession plan. My sister and I both have our careers and feel unable to carry on the company. So, with this offer on the table, we met with our advisors and discussed many times as a family over the last several weeks, and after setting some of the emotions aside, it just added up properly and gave us the best chance to make the transition as smooth as possible for all parties involved.

The end result of the sale is not completely what we had in mind, as the company as we know it (including the name)  will no longer exist (though portions of it we hope to expand and be more involved in) and our great staff and trades will definitely be affected, which is certainly the most difficult and emotional part. Truthfully, it has made my heart ache and my gut flop just thinking about its effects.

My hope, as I said before, is that this will open new doors for all those involved, and that they can remember our company for what it was at a time when our dad was there in full force, with all his passion and dedication, providing leadership, and encouraging quality and excellent craftsmanship into every home that was built. He did it because he loved it, and he had nearly 30 years of experience to draw from.

My sister and I will always consider what our dad would have done in our situation, and with this decision made we have to hope that he would understand our position and encourage what’s best for the family, while making the best attempt at taking care of our employees and customers. We thank everyone involved for helping us through and for their dedication in a time of uncertainty. We truly hope for the best in their future endeavors.