Holy moly!

Our world has been super busy in the last month and trying to keep ourselves from going crazy has been tough, at least for me, with little time for relaxation or any kind of workouts, my mood has been anything but positive and way leaning towards moody. Since we’ve been back from Barbados it’s been all about a big family wedding, cleaning, sorting and organizing the company office, and planning our first big fundraising event coming up in early June. Just when things are starting to get under control, we book a trip to Europe, leaving in under 3 weeks, and for just as long. It’s almost like we can’t possibly sit still! When we return it will be go go again to finish fundraiser event planning, and trying to start working on our place in Invermere. Maybe there will be time to enjoy summer and do some work shifts but that all depends on what else we decide we are ready to take on at that point!