Pinky’s out

Let me tell you about an imperative travel advantage. It’s called the TD infinite visa card! You earn points for everything you buy with your visa (pretty much everything we buy over $10) and you can put them towards anything travel related with your points. We booked on and earned 9x the points.
Example A, redeem $600 worth of points for your flight, then use the cash you saved to upgrade to “business class” equivalent on British airways! Delightful! Roomy seats, that recline further, leg rest, pillow, blanket, better food with free wine, tooth bush, socks, and noise canceling headphones!! Essentially free. Pinky’s up world traveling backpackers, you’re hem hemming now.

On a side note, I would normally scoff at those who bother to tote a pillow of any kind on a long journey, Though, the inflatable neck pillows I bought for us for $6.99 really sealed the sleepy overnight flight deal. Best money ever spent, just incase the upgrade thing didn’t pan out.
We spent the day strolling through Zurich. Such a cute and charming little place. Great photo ops, people watching, and architecture. Green, lush grass, and trees, blooming flowers that smell so nice. The only drawback, it’s at least 25% more expensive for anything than back home. Heading north to Prague tomorrow by car.

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