In ruins

There’s a reason why you save the best for last. It’s because anything you do after the best is just not worthwhile. We say this after our Cusco city tour, which hauled us around to about 5 or 6 different sites, which all ended up being disappointing ruins. They may have been more exciting had we not been to Machu Picchu. You just can’t beat that. The only one I was really looking forward to was a bit dissapointing, and I don’t know how to spell it but it sounds like “sexy woman”.


I can say at this point we made the right choice in not taking a tour, because after 4 hours on a tour bus around the city and waiting for everyone to collect before moving on, it drove us nuts. And we don’t really like to hear the tour guide shpeal all the time either, so we took off on our own a few times.


This morning we wandered around Cusco decided on our next plans. Nothing was booked past today, and of course, we forgot to factor in the “sunday is a holidy” problem. So, we debated bus, versus train, versus plane to get to Puno. Still tonight, we have no plans, except to show up at the train station to hopefully buy a ticket to get on last minute. We couldn’t book online last night, as the website wasn’t working well.

For dinner, we got lazy and were starving so we found the only McDonalds in Cusco that is hidden at the back of the plaza. From there we did some shopping in the markets, before heading back to the room for some downtime.

I am burnt again today, even after sunscreen. We both have sore feet, and the itchiest bug bites that we’ve ever had. Hopefully tomorrow our plans pan out and we’ll be in Puno by evening.

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