In Summmmmaaaaaaah

Ready for the Stampede Parade


In June, our eldest graduated from preschool, after which we promptly packed up our things and headed to the lake for some sunshine, garden planting and eventually summer. We kept busy this year with lots of visitors on both sides of our family. We were keen to hook up with friends who don’t live near us in the city, as well as those who do, for some summer lake fun. We took the plunge and replaced our boat “old blue” with a gently used one (after selling the van that Josh built out last year), and got much more use out of it on the water with lots of wake surfing, lake cruises, and tubing with the kids. 

Preschool Graduation
A visit with Gramma
Tubing with Aunty

We took the grandparents berry picking, and took the kids and their friends motorbiking on our mini-bike. The sail boat got a single sail, complete with flip (don’t worry, it was sans kids), and we were lucky enough to snag a new-to-us playhouse from one of our neighbours, and a trampoline (the nurse sighs loudly) which the kids enjoyed thoroughly, and only suffered one minor injury.  

Eating their share of berries
Ready for the Stampede Parade
The New-to-Us playhouse
Chillin’ on the deck
Taking out the mini-bike

I have to mention we grew another garden this year, but with limited success. I decided to do some research on them at the end of harvest, so we can do better next year. What did grow was still tasty, just smaller than we’d hoped. Also, some of the much anticipated seeds (zucchini) were too old and didn’t actually end up sprouting, and we ended up nurturing a strawberry looking bush that actually was a faux (or foe!)…

Showing off the carrots they actually ate

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