A Day of Fall…

In late August we cleaned up the lake early, in preparation for a beautiful fall that we wouldn’t get to enjoy at the lake this year, and headed back to the city to prepare for kindergarten, which started the first week in September. The weather was gorgeous for the first week, then was freezing cold for 2 weeks before 40cm of snow dumped on us in 24 hours. It’s a wonder we actually got any pretty leaves this year for how quick the cold came….

But, since this is the year to embrace winter, we got to start extra early (October 1st) and Josh built a big jump in the backyard, and plopped the kids on their snowboards, and since we had lucked out finding hugely discounted gear from last year with our keen early bird September shopping spirit the kids were good to go.

Backyard boarding

Luckily, I also got to squeeze in a fall photo shoot of the kids ONE day before the dump of snow. It did all melt, but most of us were worried that we were thrown into winter and it wouldn’t be gone until Spring. 

Mostly, “fall” as it is (or wasn’t), was mostly spent learning the new routine. A walk to school with the kids at lunch time, continuing on a bit further for the dog, then take the little one on errands, or home for quick quiet time, before heading back to school for pickup and playing with friends at the park. Some days were spent longing for that peace and quiet that a nap would bring, but that wasn’t going to happen any longer.  Josh and I are both back to our studies this fall. I am back to work as well, and we are keeping the kids busy with family activities like snowboarding, swimming, and climbing to stay out of trouble. They are both growing so fast, exactly like they say. Blink and they are grown.  It won’t be long before they are both in school.

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