Meet the Princesses

We talked between us for a few months now about going to DIsneyland in the fall for Ry’s 5th birthday, and so we kept a BIG parental secret until the morning we left, which included secretly hoarding the clean laundry to pack it, followed by putting the suitcases back on the shelf once packed to hide any evidence. We woke both girls up and expected super surprised and excited kids that were so thrilled to go to Disneyland, but what we got was two keen kids who said “sure” and “uh huh” instead. I think they didn’t quite grasp the complexity and lengthy involvement of this trip.

On the Carousel
Waiting for Buzz Lightyear

Nonetheless, they had a blast meeting all the princesses possible, hugging all the cuddly characters, and riding all the rides they were tall enough to get on. We did two days at Disneyland (Zo’s first time ever) and the middle day at the Adventure Park (which was everyone’s first time). Both kids woke very early in the morning, (note to us all;, 2.5 yr olds prefer pull out cots to cramped hotel cribs don’t ya know?!)….so we pulled off 12 hours days all three in a row, and Zo crashed like a champ in the stroller everyday (we knew full well that even though the hotel was close, a planned nap would not be successful, since she’s recently decided naps weren’t her thing…. about 4 months earlier than any of us had hoped). 

Meeting Rapunzel and Flynn
Meeting Officer Hops and Nick
Hugs and love for Eeyore
Minnie of course
Proud Lips with a Twin
Snoozey McWakes-Early

After three long days, mom and dad were pooped and ready for home, but the girls begged to stay forever…. as it really should be expected from such a magical place!


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