Longing to Leave

Wow. Our blog has been so boring and has been sitting nearly idol for nearly 2 months. How sad. And as people at work have gone from saying “I haven’t seen you in a while, where have you been this time” to “You’re here all the time these days,” I know its time to think about getting the heck out of dodge.

In fact, we’re so boring in a sense, that Josh has come up with a new thing about not using sayings (notice I just used one). In spite of his attempt to ex these annoying play on words, I try just as hard to come up with them. Like this one, “lets put our tails to the wind and get some zzzz’s, we’ll be sawing logs in the nick of time”. I would have got a sarcastic whack, but was on another floor when I shot that one out.

Anyway, we haven’t been hanging out doing nothing, in fact, on the contrary. We’ve been overly busy with the new daily business grind of excess emails, phone calls and meetings. We’ve had to limit our business conversations at times to save our sanity.

Josh is “itching” to go somewhere, jealously sulking over his brothers facebook photos of Bali, and whinning cuz Jared’s “going surfing right NOW”. I would like to go travelling, and save surfing till the late fall or winter, and he’s the opposite. The longer I go without surfing, the less the urge nags at me. Josh has taken over my garage for the summer for board building also. I can tell its on his mind. Well, my mom’s in Turkey, and so I’m jealous of that. I just want to go take some photos of SOMEwhere cooler than here!

Not sure if we’ll make it to the fall without going on a trip, we’ve been home for two months now and can’t handle it. I know, we’re spoiled. But at the latest, I could see a big trip coming this fall, maybe September, hopefully incorporating some volunteer action into this one finally. Our wonderful doggy sitter is ready to have her baby anytime now, so we will have to strategically plan our getaways in the near future.

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