Paddle Prep Countdown 33

Diamond Head

Big news in the house today. We just booked our summer trip to Honolulu for some much anticipated surf time. In one month, we leave for a 2 week fun in the sun getaway. We were down in the dumps about our current summer situation, not having the cabin/trailer/lake property to go to this year (first time in 22 years for me), and with day trips our only form of boating and wakeboarding possibility, we decided it wasn’t worth the bother or the cost to take the boat out of winterization this year. Super sad. So, instead we wanted some surf time, which initially considered a road trip down the California coast with other sightseeing on the side (Disneyland, San Francisco, etc), but when cost and warmth of water was factored in, Hawaii ended up being a better option. Whoop. So, the frugal me took forever to find the best deal and dates, and with peer pressure from across the room, I pushed the purchase button, and had a sigh of relief, followed by excitement. I’ve never been out of country on a plane in the summer before! I’ve never been to Hawaii twice in one year before! Josh has aspirations of making two new surf boards for us to take on this trip. Our current board bag fits almost a 9 footer, so I’m requesting an 8’10” which is nearly a foot longer than my current 7’11”. But if it doesn’t pan out in time, the oldie will do just fine.

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