Lunch in Bosnia

You get to know the difference between the look of a toll booth and a border crossing pretty quick, or at least when you expect to see one you do. Today, we learned that to drive to Dubrovnik along the coast you get to grace Bosnia with your presence. Although we are sad to say no stamp of the passport was provided.
So, in Bosnia one must stop for lunch, and do we did. A gourmet pizza shared between us and an ice tea for just over $3.00. Ok it wasn’t gourmet, but still cheap.
I did get a couple of photos of Bosnia because it may only occur once more that I set foot here in this country added to my list of places to go after I had seen it and been there, and it will be on our way back up the coast in a couple of days.

IMG_3334 IMG_3337 IMG_3339 IMG_3358
About an hour back into Croatia we check into our hotel in Dubrovnik, without the help of Elizabeth who dangerously suggests we turn the wrong way on a one directional street. It’s a bit out of town and both reasonable price and with a shower, it is quite large, and with free parking, wifi and breakfast, what more could a girl ask for? Well, a pool! It has two. Josh tells me we didn’t come this far to swim but if the weather sucks, I say, we sure did.