Castle Grey Skull


What better time to blog than while resting tired toes and quenching thirst after a day of walking the old town in Dubrovnik.
This morning after we barely made a dent in the included buffet we set off walking to town, uphill both ways (really) towards the castle gates. Inside we did our Frommers walking tour read from printed paper that I brought along which touched on the main points of interest. Firstly, we climbed the walls around the castle, a scenic 2km journey like the great wall of China, including tour groups from that country. We did this early and glad we did because it only got busier as the day went on.

After having the daily coffee and snack in a crowded cafe in the main square we poked around in a few museums and churches, but nothing too impressive that we hadn’t seen before except maybe the maritime museum with lots of model ships and paraphernalia.

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Dubrovnik
5 hours was enough for our feet today, and we’d packed clothing for rain and it’s quite warm so the balcony in the sunshine is where you can find us now, sipping lemonade and ice tea, and snacking on neopolitan wafer “crumpets” as Josh says.
We also had a chuckle as we entered our hotel and a sign 5 feet from a public bowl of nuts in a dish on the table in the lobby said “no outside food or drink for health reasons!” Seriously? Hilarious!