Border Blunders

Here are the chronicles of a two hour journey…according to the GPS. We left the Dubrovnik hotel at 8:40 am.
Construction and gravel roads start the trip and I wonder after 30 min of this whether doing this side trip is with the effort.
Guess what time it is? It’s nearly 11 and we’ve been attempting to cross the border into Montenegro for an hour! The first crossing was simple once you got to the window, we assume it’s the Canadian passports that make us quick then, just when you think you’re free and clear you see another crossing lined up forever. One is out of Croatia, the other is into the new country. Here we sit in a long line, some jack ass motorcycles cut in and drive to the front (but they get a thorough search so we’re happy). We need to pee but the lady at the WC says ” nooooo, nooo kuna” like the lemon pledge lady on family guy, cuz she won’t take our currency from Croatia. Too bad for you. And so we wait, some more. What is the currency, we don’t even know?!
At hour 3 we are in construction at a dead stop in the first town for about 20 minutes.
4 hours after we left the hotel we’re winding down the little salty lake highway with only 40 km finished our 115 km day trip! Yes. Day trip. Well the tour buses do it in 12 hours, but we booked the night in Budva.

IMG_3480 IMG_3484
We stop in Kotor to check out the old town and St. tryphon cathedral but at this point in our travels the yachts and catamarans just outside the walls provided more interesting views. A very large yacht, some tall ships and a pirate vessel caught our eye.
We learned that Elizabeth and her technology are not very familiar with this country and if nothing else this last leg since 2pm lunch near the port in Kotor was extremely scenic and it tested the widths of the car and Josh’s curb dodging skills.

IMG_3457 IMG_3459 IMG_3465
Tips on Montenegro: have patience, don’t plan for day trips and stay the night, bring some euros as we found they use them here, and marvel at all the abandoned hotels, apartments and such along the road, as it can be eerily like a ghost town in some sections.
At 4:00 we realize that the hotel address can’t be computed by Lizabeth and so we easily track down an Info booth, get a map, drive near old town, park, walk to old town, wander for a few then find hotel. Check in, return to car for big bags and ahhh at 4:40 I sit on the bed relaxed. Finally.
We have this evening to explore, then we head out early tomorrow to drive all the way up to Zadar. Which is supposed to take 7.5 hours. Considering today’s drive we may be recalculating.
Between construction, border crossings, narrow streets, slow speed limits, and limited GPS assistance it was a long day!! But, pretty views all the way.