Nice day for a Sit

So, Montenegro. We say goodbye. We were lucky enough to enjoy some greatest 70’s hits along the journey back to Croatia this morning, and also a much shorter drive at just 1hour and 45 min to the border.

IMG_3491 IMG_3492
Last night we took some photos and walked down the quiet boardwalk of fishing boats, then stopped in a small square for a snack and tea. It appears a lot of this area is still recovering from the war as many of the ocean front buildings were unfinished or abandoned. We also took a food risk and ordered muffins with vegetables. Bland,dry and lacking any taste we drank our hot bevy and moved on the the hotel restaurant where soup and cheese bread were tasty. It was an early night and an early morning again to begin the long drive back. We pigged out for breakfast and had bacon, eggs, and pancakes! Which was two meals when you ordered at the beach side restaurant.
Ok so it took 3 hours to get to Dubrovnik, now at hour 5 we sit inside the Bosnian border waiting in a long line of traffic, not knowing why. Of course we need good and a bathroom break but thats not happening. An ambulance sped past and we can hear big machinery up ahead, so it’s anyone’s guess really. Pretty sure our rental car isn’t allowed in Bosnia, so if they could hurry up that would be great. We’d like to get back to the land of random radio where each station lasts about 3 corners of road.
Some days Elizabeth loses all her credibility and we begin to doubt her intelligence especially in the area of toll roads. She starts us off right but then shortly after we find ourselves on a tiny village road with goats and figure somebody screwed up. But, 30 minute detour at 40km/hr later we’re back on the toll roads clicking 130’s and looking for our rest stop much later than we needed one. I think I broke a personal record for 6 hours of holding in a pee. Thank goodness for those toll gas stations and their Croatian truck stop tuna, and ice coffee. Just 3 hours left.. We hope. Because there are