It really must be off season around here. But first, the lead up.
We pretty much fired Elizabeth this after noon after she came up with six of the same named city and two of the same streets in that many cities in which our hotel was located. Neither were correct. Good thing I had a good look on the map when I booked the hotel or we would have gone on a wild goose chase. In sum, we bought a map. Yes, a paper one. And as I jumped back in the car, Josh had wifi at the gas station and we confirmed GPS knows nothing.

So, here we are in Starigrad, just north of Zadar, in a cute but very quiet little camping area on the side of another salty lake. The hotel is habited, though the pool is stark empty and it has the feel of an old rural hospital, mental or otherwise. Josh has commented a number of times on my ability to “pick’em”, and how roller coaster my choices have been. It’s true, but this time he helped and there wasn’t much choice in the area. Camping looked much nicer we realized as we went for a long seaside wander this evening. Oh well. It is a bit chilly, and we have a hot shower.

IMG_3515 IMG_3518

It feels like a sleepy fishing village on a lake, much like little bow lake and with housing on one shore, pretty much nothing on the other. We found dinner more cuz the had wifi than for the menu, though the food was pretty tasty; grilled calamari in full form!