North Ho


Let the games begin!!! I roared as we entered the arena in Pula. It’s a smaller scale version of the colluseum in Rome, and if we hadn’t seen that first this would be a super cool attraction. We were the first fans in the gate at 9am with unspoiled photos, a rare thing at the real deal, so for that it was nice. From there we wandered for a bit, found the Roman temple of Agustus (very old and really small), the shopping street in old town, and have up looking for the submarine. To the car, for we leave Croatia now. Up the coast through Slovenia and Italy with our night time spot in Veneto just outside Venice.

We paid Slovenia a visit on our way up today, and glad we did. We stopped for lemonade on the boardwalk of Piran. A cute little port town, and more scenic and visitor friendly than its morning counterpart, Pula.

IMG_3616 IMG_3617 IMG_3623
Just now, we passed through to our 11th country, Italy, with no border crossing check, just drive on through, which also means no stamp.