Roads Less Travelled

Back on the highway in the early morning we left a mediocre breakfast, empty pool and stark white hotel behind and headed for a change of scenery in the Plitvicke National Park. Here, there are a series of 16 lakes joined by amazing waterfalls and you can choose your route around the park by distance and time spent. We did our 2-3 hour trek with Withell speed, in just under 2, with lots of photos, and the feeling of fresh air and tired legs. With a dirty tourist trap sawdust burger to tide us over we made the trip to Pula, using a combo of Elizabeth and our paper map. I think paper won at least three of the discrepancies today.

IMG_3550 IMG_3562 IMG_3583 IMG_3586
We’re staying a little north of Pula in a town called Porec that is really a resort town of something like Mexico crossed with a little summer holiday BC town. You have the all inclusive hotel with corny kids activities, mixed with cooler weather, hot pools and spruce trees. It wouldn’t be a Croatian beach place without a giant cement retaining wall along the waters edge. Heaven for it a sandy or rocky entrance to the sea! We were fully clothed in jeans and light hoodies, the euro’s going topless with bikini bottoms and banana hammocks. Brr. Dinner for 300 at 7pm was more than interesting, we felt like puppies rushing to get some food from the trough, so we parked on a couch and did some wifi while we waited for the vultures to mow their meh meal.