Horsey Whoa, Horsey NO

Meeting Grandmas horse

Lately, our time has been split between walking circles in the RV park (which means extremely SLOW and exploratory new walker pace with our ever-patient, yet high energy senior lab in tow), and driving back and forth to grandma’s condo (about 25 min away) for swimming and her company.

We also visited the horse show for a change of pace, as grandma is here mainly for that purpose and as a bonus we decided to spend time near by. Rylie has been a little nuts for horses lately, since before Christmas when she got her furry walking pony, so this was a great opportunity to take her to a real barn, to see some real horse action.

Within 5 minutes of arrival she’d squealed with delight a few times, was pleased to pet Calvin (grandma’s horse) on the nose, and while mom looked away for just a second, her little finger found its way inside his mouth for a good chomp. We were really lucky it was just swollen and very sore, but it could have been MUCH worse. She might have been scarred for life, which would be okay with us (no equestrian activities in our family please), but after 15 min of tears and the first aid station for some ice, we found another nice horsey and worked our way back in for a reluctant but successful neck pet instead.

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