A Little More Zoo

A Little More Zoo

Lately we’ve been finding new things to do (like dance class, or gymnastics for Rylie to prove there are actually children alive in the desert), wondering the desert landscape, picking fruit, and because if there’s a zoo near by, we need to go there.

This afternoon we made our way to the “living desert” which is the Palm Springs area zoo. It was a nice day to spend some time with grandma, and see what this animal exhibit offered. It was smaller, and seemed to be staffed by volunteers, and there were a few unique things that set it apart from other places. One, you could take a camel ride, and two, you could feed the giraffes! Cool dude.

Although we did neither of these, we still enjoyed seeing both of those animals, along with some cheetahs, meerkats, warthogs, vultures, ibis, goats at the petting kraal, and then of course, we had to stop at the carousel for a ride on the great lion! Rylie seemed to enjoy the bronze statue of the individual animals more than the actual thing. Josh’s highlight of the whole place was the giant mini-train set with “miles” of track running through tiny houses, old cars on lifelike streets, across bridges and through tunnels. It even wound through the “grand canyon”.

Another notable activity this week was finding the resort orchard, and although it was mainly picked over we did find a couple of fruits at grab level. However, at grandma’s condo there are grapefruit trees with tons of perfectly ripe fruit ready to be picked. We took just one home to test out, and thanks to our super friendly neighbours from Edmonton that had lent us their juicer as an initial greeting gift, we had a way to make some juice. Though, the plain raw fruit was the best we’d ever tasted, no sugar required.

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