On your mark, get set….nah.

Historical Building Oslo

From the moment we entered Oslo I was a skeptic. Though traffic was cool as a cucumber even in rush hour, the ambiance of the city wasn’t exactly what I had expected. Sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on why… Some cities have the same landmark features, like large squares, pedestrian only streets, harbor side boardwalks, street side cafe’s, large fancy train stations, and stylish opera houses…. But something is just missing here, and that is how I feel about Oslo. It’s got the right idea, but they just maybe missed the mark somehow.

There’s lots of construction, and it’s a bit of a concrete jungle, but the parks seem nice. We went all the way to Frogner Park to see the famous statues and our 3km walk took us through a lovely residential neighborhood, with cute little shops to peek in; actually more impressive than the park.

The palace was closed so you couldn’t go in, the Viking museum was so far it would cost $40 to tram to and from to spend only $12 to get in, and the pedestrian street was pretty short and uneventful, especially after Copenhagen.

So, we filled our day without too much trouble….we wandered, ate, poked, sat, and walked. Saw the resistance museum, the opera house, parked out butts near the harbor wall, strolled through the fortress walls, and dined on the shopping street while being serenaded by unusual instruments. I have to admit though, after walking more than 8km or so today, my long nap was certainly a high point.

Tomorrow we take a train to Stockholm. We have high hopes for you, Sweden!