Train of thought

Country road

Mmm yes, let’s talk train travel, shall we? I’m not particularly fond actually. We’ve tested a few trains in our travels, the best being the Shinkansen in Japan (clean, comfortable and fast); the worst being the world-war-one-era junker in Thailand (filthy, terribly unprivate, and 2 hours tardy).

Today we rode to Stockholm from Oslo, in germ class for 6 hours. The cars were badly worn and dirty, and in need of a scrub. Not only that, we were short sided in choosing a seat with a table, overlooking the fact we’d be in very close quarters with two others. These people were sick with sneezes and horks, and as soon as there was empty seats confirmed nearby we cleared the space. They were happy to have the four to themselves to sleep. This all worked well until 5 hours in when we were kicked out of our adopted seats for someone else’s reservation. Ugh. One more hour of germs. I just wanted to wash my clothes!

Anyway, after checking into our new snazzy hotel complete with Icebar, we strolled the streets of Stockholm. With tiny tourist filled passages and endless stores full if ice cream and waffle cones it was enough to keep us busy for the afternoon. We stopped for hot chocolate in comfy seats overlooking a little square in the old quarter, while pondering travel inspired thoughts, before cruising back to the hotel along the pedestrian shopping street.