One More Makes Four


Plus one makes four…. If you count Nixon, our lab, we are now, as of April, a family of five.

We welcomed another baby girl into our lives, a tiny bit late and a tiny bit larger than our first. She is a stark contrast from her super blond sister, with very dark hair and deep blue eyes. And, although we busted out of the hospital nearly as quick as she was born, it took a few more days to name her.

Life with two kids and a dog is a bit more crazy than we had anticipated, and an even bigger change in the world of our toddler, making the first couple of weeks rather bumpy, sleepy, and slightly even sad (on her and her mom).

With two months behind us we are now getting used to the new routine, and with cute little smiles and a bit of interaction between the girls, we are seeing an exciting glimpse of what their potential sister relationship could soon be.

We’ve been mostly up at the lake house this spring as soon as we dared to attempt a 3 hour car ride with the new addition. It was around 4 weeks, and without jinxing the situation we think she’ll be a good little traveller! We also had to buy a cargo box for our SUV, for all that added baby junk. I blame Nixon for taking up the whole trunk space, not my packing skills or a tendency to be overly prepared.
The weather has been unsettled this spring but we try to get outside and enjoy the fresh air when possible, by heading to the various parks, pools, and soccer nights, when sunny and while lingering at our favourite coffee shops and finding other small town activities when weather is less than cooperative.

Cherry smile
Cherry smile


  1. Congrats on your new addition!! your girls are beautiful!

  2. Thanks!
    Jocelyn and I were just talking about you guys today. You’re little girl is scheduled to arrive any day now, looking forward to seeing pictures!

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