Traveling A Lot

Josh saved this butterfly from our window and it suck around just long enough for us to admire his colours.

January was a bit of a whirlwind experience. In summary we did 7 flights, hence changing our clocks 6 times in 3 weeks. It started with a quick 2 day trip to Vernon for a family members funeral, 2 days home, then off to Orlando (to see Minnie mouse, give her a hug, and wear a pink polka dotted dress in Rylie’s own words) for 5 days, followed by a zip down to Tamarindo, Costa Rica where we spend our short 4 days in a quiet, relaxing little bungalow on a beautiful beach (until we found out about the Zika virus passed on by mosquito’s and posing significant threats to unborn babies that was working its way around neighbouring countries). The plan was to spend 2 weeks down there, but after learning this news, we jumped on the next direct flight out to our least favourite airport of all time; LAX. Only because it would be a short segway (2 hours by car) to Palm Springs where we decided at the last minute to spend a week visiting my mom at her condo instead of flying home to the cold so soon. Sigh. Goodbye ocean. I guess we’ll have to head back to Costa Rica another time.

Here are a few shots from Disney World, Costa Rica and Palm Springs follow:

Costa Rica

And a little Palm Springs time with Grandma (Horses too).

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