Plan H

Family shot on the way to see the Lighthouse

Since our car trips have been less than pleasant lately, with a crabby little traveller we decided to really try hard to get out first thing in the morning when she was fresh. So, in record timing we were out on the road by 8am, so we could get a ways before first nap. We ended up pulling into a state park next to a river where the wind howled and the rain beat down sideways in a torrential downpour. Great for naps, not great for dog walks. We spent 2 hours here, a nap and a snack take that long. From there we were able to drive a bit further to the town of Florence. We arrived late in the afternoon. I had to double check with Josh where we were as I barely stepped foot outside here. Arrive, set up, nap the baby, make and eat dinner, get ready for bed, research and blog, bed by 8:30 or 9. Pretty low key nights around these parts. I didn’t even get a walk.

From Florence, we drove to the Heceta Head lighthouse. The goal was to get somewhere for a walk before nap time. We made it. The scenery along the Oregon coast so far has been quiet pretty with its rocky protrusions randomly scattered throughout the coastline. We hiked up a 1.5 mile trail to see the newly refurbished lighthouse, with a fantastic view of the sea and rocky sand mix beach below.

From there, we drove barely long enough to justify another carseat battle, to the sea lion caves. Unfortunately, they were all out eating fish that day, and we didn’t see a single live one. Though, we got our photo taken with some fake ones, and Rylie was just as impressed. The cave was pretty neat as well, but maybe not $12.00 worth? This was actually a discount since the sea lions were out. And, they give you a 1 year rain check to come back with your purchased ticket.

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Honey, where are we?
Today, our big stop was in Bandon, where we stopped to poke through the shops, began our Christmas shopping, frequent the bakery, walk the dog, search for some car entertainment and get a hot beverage.

Other than that, we didn’t get too far today, and I’m not even sure where we were except that our campground was called the Honeybear Campground. It was just up from the ocean, some spots with a sea view. The buildings were built about 30 years ago by a German family, complete with all the German garb and flair you could imagine. The buildings were wooden chalet style, with honey bear decor. There was a Schnitzel restaurant inside, but lights out, and dust settling everywhere it looked as though no one had eaten there in at least a decade, although we’re out of season, so I’m not sure that was the case.

I had the pleasure of doing our first laundry here. The laundry room was nothing short of dated and a little on the creepy side. There was no one else around. Pretty proud I must say though, because after 10 days it was time, as we were down to the mismatched outfits and were salvaging some dirty hoodies, but we made it. I say it was pleasurable, but I really mean I got a break from being mom for 30 minutes.

I hate to complain, but its’ been pretty exhausting dealing with a cranky screaming baby in a confined space when you can’t do much to please them. I don’t blame her for hating the car after nearly two weeks of driving everyday to some degree, so that’s not her fault. Both her and the dog have no idea what has happened in their world; its upside down. They are just happy we don’t leave them behind every time the house moves.