The Redwoods


Up in the morning, we took our baby backpack and went down to the beach for a nice beach walk. It was misty and crisp. The sand was wet and squishy. The waves were loud and crashing heavily. It was just a nice walk. A much needed breath of fresh air before we move on for the day.

Onward, and back on the road our day was planned around our big stop at Walmart in Crescent City. How exciting it was for Josh to finally purchase a large tupperware container for the “poop tube”. That, amongst other things like groceries and baby socks. But really, it was a great adventure.

Lunch was at a roadside state park, with a pretty little lilypad filled pond, complete with lookout and….washrooms. We ate, Rylie played and Nixon, well he kinda sulked.

We found the Redwood forest in the early afternoon and we finally reached California!!!!! It’s felt like the longest trip down the coast ever, but I feel good about being in our destination state at last. The huge trees along the highway were pretty amazing, and we decided to stay the night at a state park inside the redwood forest. The trees were HUGE, maybe 10 people joining hands to get around the base of them. And, you couldn’t see the tops. Rylie was even in awe at their size.

It’s “busy” here, which just means there are actually other campers staying here. Two in tents, two in camper vans, and the host camper lady in her RV. We made it out for a short walk through the giant trees, but were afraid to get lost at dark, as it comes early and quickly this late in the fall.