Road trip cronicles

idaho snow fall

“Winter again.”  Literally it just appeared when we took the overpass into the hotel zone in Idaho Falls, and before that the highway was dry with no snow at the sides. The snow was about a foot deep with ice underneath. Perfect for walking a restless and excited dog who really needs to pee. Not. But, we can’t complain, as we didn’t need mitts or hats, it was still pretty decent temperature. That was the end of that weather. The coats are burried in the trunk, the mitts are stuffed in the corner, and our current high temp is 25 celcius.


“They sure have big drinks here in the country.” I mean this country has big drinks. This was a medium drink at Wendy’s in Butte Montana. Subways’ were even bigger. Had little Cesars pizza for dinner, and we’re convinced it was bigger than at home as well. Josh promised me a blizzard from Dairy Queen when we got to Phoenix, I rain checked unfortunately with a full stomach. If I’m lucky the blizzards will be huge, and there’s one across the street!!!


“Nixon on day 2”. He’s gone past sleeping through the drive, into the point of “are we there yet?!” Despite all our pit stops and long hours in the car he always wants to get back in. He’s been so good. And, we’re lucky “nixon the watch dog” doesn’t have a clock to check the time for dinner. He has no idea when it is, so we surprise him, and keep him happy. Those liver treats from mom are a hit as well.

nogales hotel

“Not so Super 8”. This is our hotel in Nogales on the US/American border. There are more truckers here in this town than we’ve ever seen EVER. Nixon got to play with another black lab in the parking lot earlier, then got to shower in our lovely hotel room. I love when the dog won’t sleep on the couch cuz it has too many smells. I had to put a towel on it for him. He’s becoming quite the travel dog, and is behaving quite nicely considering all the new and exciting things he’s discovered since we left home; parking lot walks, Las Vegas sunset & strip, desert with different types of cactus, a wooden cow, pooping on dirt, IHOP pancakes, driving over the Hoover dam, elevators, automatic doors, and many gas station and hotel smells. Just wait until we’re done this trip!

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