Inaugural post


Welcome to the inaugural post of, our new home. Its still very much a work in progress but hopefully interesting and informative none the less.

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Now for the real inaugural post…

We’re already at the end of day 2 of our journey from Calgary to Mexico, and although I would normally have blogged by this point, the title of inaugural blog was slightly daunting because now its got to be good. Not to mention the title of the website.

So, i guess before we talk about the journey, we should mention our thoughts on why this blog came to be. Our past few years has been blessed with travel, and up until now we’ve only emailed our friends and family along the way, so at the start of this new decade, 2010, we’ve decided that a real travel blog was a necessity. This blog will be complete with travel stories, pictures, active links, and other interesting information that we come across.

We hope you enjoy the read!! Get back to us if you have any comments, questions, or tips!

Journey: Calgary to Mexico (by car, with dog)

During the last year we’ve been planning to spend some time in Mexico. Some real time. We wanted to travel somewhere during the Winter (I HATE IT) months that was close enough to drive, and that we could take the dog with us so he wouldn’t have to fly. The choice to go to Bucerias in the Puerto Vallarta area came easily, as we had just been there last March, however, finding a condo to take dogs proved to be a bit more difficut. But, here we are 10 months later, we are sitting in a Vegas hotel on the way down to stay for 4 months in Bucerias. Here is some of our first couple days.

Co-captains log: Day #1,  hour #1: Josh driving. Nixon sleeping. Me, bored. Already. Yes. How will I make it for 4 days? And the surf rack has to come down, we’re getting an ear ache. Stop x 10 minutes in -16 degree weather to take it off.Freezing. Hate winter some more.

Hour #4: Crossing the US border, disappointed at the minimal questions asked, as story was rehearsed more than once prior to arrival. Did not ask for doggy papers. Near rear-ending as guy pulls out from behind brick wall and stops, then reverses from sideways angle as we slide towards him. YIKES.

Hour #5: Are we there yet? No. Dog sleeping. Josh driving.

Hour #9: Freezing rain. Darkness. Dog sleeping. White knuckles in passenger seat. Sore butt, legs, stiff neck.

Day #2 in sum: Walk dog in 1 foot of snow, freezing ankles in Idaho Falls. Dog having fun. Drive on great roads. Watching the clock tick tick very slow. Sore butt, sore legs, oh boy. Find Nixon a park to run free. See our “VW Alberta friends” for the 4th time as we stop for lunch in a very small suburb of Salt Lake City. Are they following us? Strange. Drive through Vegas at sunset. Nixon is less than pleased. Yay for no more snow and a temperature change of 32 degrees from home. Nice.

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