Sayulita surfing

I’ve been a bad blogger lately, so I’ve got some catching up to do. The entire busy weekend in fact, so bear with me, while we sort out the events…

Friday- with minimal plans for this fine weathered day, we set out to Punta de Mita to check out the waves and just to get out of the house for a bit.  The next best thing to swimming, is a car ride (with nice cold AC), so we brought Nixon along. His whining can get a bit annoying, especially in the morning, when he’s hot, and we felt bad that we couldn’t meet his cooling needs. The goal was to sit in the shade and enjoy a cold drink at El Coral restaurant, however, Nixon was zoomed in on the ocean the entire time. Twice he made runs on the water, dragging Josh and I off our chairs and to our knees (with sandburn and a toe cut to prove it), making a spectacle out of himself. Good thing it wasn’t busy. And, good thing we were paying attention.

Saturday- The Rhythm & Ribs Festival was on in town (Bucerias) that night, which is an annual event to raise money for the Casa Hogar Orphanage. When you arrive you purchase a bunch of tickets which are good at a variety of vendors selling food and drink.  There were local restaurant sponsors that set up tables of their best dishes for sample. The ribs were delicious, and although there was minimal meat on the bone, the sauce was the BEST. We had tacos, and tostadas, ceviche, and Corona’s. But, very possibly the best part was the dessert table; loaded with cakes and cookies and other baked goods donated by various volunteers (including our upstairs neighbour who made butter tarts, the sweet smell wafting down through our window, but we were too late, they sold out fast and we didn’t get any!) So, we happily left with some cake (including “better than sex cake” that wasn’t) and cherry chocolate cake, along with two giant peanut butter cookies and a chocolate cookie cake (stashed in the freezer for later).




The Mariachi Band played while the crowds gathered around, kids danced, and people finished off the Corona’s. It was a good night overall, and we heard that this year between the silent auction and the food/drink tickets sold, over 117,000 pesos were raised for the orphanage.


From the festival we headed in to the P.V. airport to pick up Jami and Bob for their week long visit. We were cruelly shocked by the cold of the airport and headed up to grab a steaming hot tea for the wait, before heading back out to the car to warm up. How pathetic is that?


Sunday- We had the opportunity to meet Ed (Quality Peoples) and his family for a deliciously authentic breakfast at Luna Luna restaurant in Bucerias, before heading up to Sayulita for some beach and surf time. It was sunny with a few cooling clouds, busy on the beach, and the waves cooperated with their size and consistency. The boys, and Jami and I took turns with the boards to catch a few rides. Jami and I were both pummeled at about the same time, by the same wave set, which quickly ended our attempts. To the beach with us! The waves were steep and fast compared to what we’re used to riding at Punta de Mita; I did my first flip over the front of the wave, jarring my back and loading my ears with salt water to the point of hours of annoying shloggy muted hearing and Jami was swiftly knocked in the head with her board.

That evening we made attempts to go to YoYo Mo’s for some Olympic hockey watching (Canada vs USA), but there were no seats! But, we were lucky enough to find the last table on the balcony at Sunset Bar and were able to catch the game right on the ocean, the waves crashing below the overhanging deck. Too bad the game was an unfortunate loss.

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