Dreaming of water

As a random start to this blog post, I often wonder what Nixon dreams about (he’s across from me on the other couch) looking almost as though he’s going to get up and run off the side any minute. All legs going wild, wiggling, almost seizure-like… lips quivering, eyebrows lifting, belly shaking… then all of a sudden he wakes up, looks around, like someone dozing who snored themself awake, only to wipe away the drool from their lips, before falling back asleep, or pretending it didn’t happen. I suppose he could be chasing something, a casa cat, or a gecko, but perhaps he’s swimming, his favorite thing. We’ll never know… but it sure looks funny.

Haha, I can only smile, because I know he’s enjoying his sleep, and that, despite a five day swimming drought, we’ve still managed to make him tired. Last night he woke us up in the middle of the night with feet twitching, barking with closed lips, quite loudly, for about 5 minutes. We’ve become comfortable and trusting enough to let him play “piggy in the middle” with a tennis ball at one of the green grassy areas as far away from pools and ocean as possible. I just feel bad about how hot he gets afterwards. Hence the sprinklers.

I can tell you its been dificult keeping a hot dog out of water, we’ve tried the modified shower, drenching him with cold water in a pot in the bathroom, and even a frozen wet towel from the freezer. He’s also dragged me into the sprinklers in the park, after I thought he couldn’t do harm, he lies down in front of it, wetness spraying into his ears from all angles. Yesterday we’d opened the patio doors and blocked the entrance with a couple of stacked boxes, but when neither of us was paying attention, a splash was heard, and we realized “someone” had escaped. He won. Josh dragged him out, I cotton swabbed his ears dry, but at the very least, I think it satisfied his need to cool down. Poor little fella. He just doesn’t understand.


The vet at home responded to my email question regarding treatment for this ear infection, and told us to get some ear drops called Otomax, which contain an antibiotic, antifungal and an anti-inflammatory, rolled into one (to coincide the oral antibiotics). We managed to find it at the vet across the road (didn’t want to step on the toes of the last guy) in Bucerias and it requires tackling him on to the couch and pinning him down to squirt the ointment inside his ear twice per day for a week. Hopefully we’ll get a cleaner bill of health from the first vet when we return for a follow-up on tuesday.  


In other news, we were once again pleased with our 100 peso car wash (about $8.00) for in and out at Jero’s. Assembly line clean, just like new. It was here that we ran into, and finally met Ed, who is Josh’s contact here in Bucerias for hooking us up with, or providing us with such things as surfing lessons, surf board makers, new company logos, etc. We both enjoy reading his blog which is “Quality Peoples” (www.qualitypeoples.com) which has some amazing photos, and interesting finds, local artists, as well as some personal stories of moving to Mexico from the States, learning to surf and speak Spanish, amongst other things.

The weather has been unusual in terms of Mexican winter, but I still cannot complain about it. The climate here is pretty perfect, with small ranges between 30 during the day and 20 at night. How can you go wrong with that? The humidity is possibly my favorite, my eyes have never been so comfortable, and usually so dry at home. Any one week visitors this year should expect at least some clouds, and a possible rain shower, so as not to be disappointed. After all, its still WAY warmer than at home.

And the last tidbit of the day is that you can find GREAT ice coffee’s in the most unassuming places, namely, Hanoi Vietnam, and right here in Bucerias, for cheaper and just as yummy as Moneybucks. You know who I mean. We had a great Frappacino for 35 pesos today ($3.00). Very large, lots of whipped cream, and tonnes of yum. OH, and homemade delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from KAREN’S.

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