Don’t leave me half shorn


It’s amazing how the weather can imitate your mood, and how suddenly, a great mood can be destroyed, as can weather. This morning I was enjoying a good book on the deck lounger, now I’m hacking away on the computer as the wind furociously howls through the sliding doors. It has turned foul like my mood. It was hair cut day. As I sat in the chair explaining in english what I wanted, and what I did NOT want, the poor hair stylist, who knew minimal english (my greatest fear) thought he understood. The clouds started to roll in. I even had a picture, but of course, they never show the back view. Between the pedicurist, her older english speaking client, the hair sylist, and myself, we thought we’d come to a good explanation that everyone understood. Well, guess what? I ended up with what I exactly DID NOT want.

 I have to say that I am glad I didn’t listen to Josh and get a new short “style” (although I want to cut it shorter again, this isn’t the time or the place) because who knows what I would have left with. No hair. After shaving my head two years ago I’ve spent a lot of time growing it and it doesn’t mean as much to me as it did before I got rid of it. It’s just hair, it will grow back. Of course you can see in the “before” picture there was nothing special about this cut, and it had been about 8 weeks since I  had it fixed up. Between the humidity and being in the water, and wishing for something easy, this pinned- up-ontop look has worked up until now. However, the time has come for a “trim”, and you can see what I got. Kind of.


The after picture looks decently impressive (and I’m half smiling because I haven’t seen the back yet). This is because its the front, side-angle shot. The front looks good! But, spin around to the back and its pretty hideous, and check the back-side-view and it’s pretty much a disaster. It’s like this: pull all the hair ontop of your head, start with the back, taper it as much as possible (very shortl layers except the bottom which isn’t that short where I’d specifically requested the “trim”), then let down the sides and the top, and voila. Done. The angle along the back of my hair resembles the angle at the top of the pictures, bent awkwardly and pretty awful.

 I need to do something, but I don’t know what to do. It’s just really poorly blended from the sides to the back, and messy around the bottom. I want to laugh about this, although I’m quite upset. I cannot blame the guy (yes, my first guy hair stylist) because he probably didn’t understand what I was asking for, and yet he was very particular (it took an hour), and perhaps he’s not very experienced. I pretty much came home to a hot chocolate, a bag of microwave popcorn and some hershey kisses to pout, and grouch around, and repeatedly examine it with my miniscule little vanity mirror. Ugh. Do I get Josh to fix it?! I’m scared.

What’s the damage you ask? Well, it was definitely NOT the price. I paid only 150 pesos (or $15.00) so like Josh says, maybe that’s why I only got half the cut! There’s a place in Sayulita that I can try to get a fix-up at some point. Until then, don’t look at me from the side, or the back, or any combination of the two, please. I think I’ve got a hat somewhere around here…

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