Shock and awe

Picture this… Yesterday, we were having a mid afternoon snack in an open air mall in the high end shopping district, near Taipei 101, eating our fries with sour cream and $1.00 vending machine ice tea, at hop up tables with umbrellas, while listening to snoop dog rap more swears than you can come up with in a 6 second spurt, out of a loud speaker for the entire area to hear. This, as we chuckle and groan at the irony of the situation. A little girl munching fries behind us with her family, the fry guy dumping his grease tray down the gutter on the other side, after signaling us to move a table over and gesturing for us to look away… Or so we guessed…Lets not forget the old paparazzi creeper taking pics of this super skinny chick with very short dress while distantly following her down the block…. So weird!