Finally, a minute to write. We’re 36 hrs into our trip to Taiwan, so here’s a few tidbits from early on.

The flight felt extra long this time, with josh breaking the rules of not more than 1 stop over. See, we have travel happiness criteria that we follow for everything from flights to hotels, to finding food. Usually I get blamed for blowing the first hotel, but not this time. It’s clean, cozy, and didn’t break the bank.

We’re doing pretty good for good as well, lunch was with the locals for $3.00 we got a huge plate of chicken and rice, etc (mostly mystery sides that were tasty). We lucked out on the one guy who spoke a few words of English. I didn’t have to point and gesture like a chicken to get some!

Tiepei Tiepei Tiepei
We saw a few sights yesterday including Taipei 101( the 2nd tallest skyscaper in the world), the Longshan temple, the Chiang Kai Shek memorial changing of the guard. We also meandered some nice gardens and wandered little curious streets. But the best part was how awesome our subway skills are…. We cruised the city with ease! Ok, I lie. Once we get outside on the street we need a street map, a compass, a subway map and a poster map to figure out which way to go.

Now for the comparisons…Taipei is like Hong King for shopping, style of clothing, food, crowds, traffic, building architecture (like none), but also crosses with Japan for friendliness, lack of English language knowledge, and awesome subway. So far I am a fan.