What’s new?

Once again, this blog has been lonely and neglected since our trip to Europe in May. So, I thought I might speed you through time to the present….

Since we’ve been home in May, we spent early June planning and executing our first real big fundraiser event for dad’s charity: The Bill Beattie Memorial Fund, raising $50,000 at this event towards families battling Leukemia and other blood cancers.

Starting in early June we’ve been renting a place out in Invermere while we build our new cabin/house near Windermere. And when I say build, I mean Josh has been contracting it out, but we’ve both put some sweat and tears into it. It’s been a slow process over the warm months, unfortunately, but now in early fall (with temps still about +28) we’re hard laboring the foundation with insulation and rebar to be poured next week! Things are starting to take some shape and its getting exciting and stressful.

But, after enjoying “the lake” for its boating, and paddle boarding, making friends, and hanging out as townies, we’re giving up our rental place for the move back to Calgary in a couple of weeks to get back into the routine we don’t actually have, but feel better thinking we have one. I really like it hear, but its not the same when you’re not in your own place!