We are the Swiss


Back in our starting country, we’re currently driving through the longest tunnel in history, or maybe not… But after at least 8km in here without exhaust propelling fans I’m feeling sleepy, lightheaded, its smelly, and oh yeah, some chest pain, probably from my claustrophobia. We’ve been in here for more than 10 minutes with no end in site. I do not like it! Ok, it was…. almost there…. 16km long! Yawn. Then shortly after, another 9km tunnel. Not a fan. Between Milan and Zurich there is barely any outdoor driving at all, making weather not a factor. You’ll under there so long you forget if it’s night, or day, raining or sunny.

We stopped for lunch and a stroll through Lucerne this afternoon and remembered just how expensive this country can be. Water at the lake side restaurant, $7.00. Thin crust Pizza with ham $18.00. Hot chocolate $5.00, coke $6.20. Perhaps we paid for the view, and the chapel bridge right in front, the swans swimming past our sides? It’s a charming city anyway.
Back in Zurich, we checked into an Ibis hotel near the airport, then returned the trusty Kuga mobile, wandered the streets of equally charming Zurich for great Mexican dinner (so tired of pizza and pasta) and window shopping, and then caught the tram back to the hotel.

IMG_3683 IMG_3679