Yellow Lab Party

Fall photo shoot

Once upon a time there was a little family… ok, a couple with no kids… who had just finished school and bought a house and in sequence, decided that it was time for a puppy (since their plant survived a few months). So, they contacted a breeder of the most popular dog in North America (lab in case you wondered) to see when a litter would be arriving. Long story short, a few months later, word spread that ELEVEN yellow lab puppies were born, and they got the first pick. Today we had a yellow lab party.

That was us, ten whole years ago, and today our furry little yellow ball of trouble is a decade old. So, we decided to celebrate his birthday with his very own blog post, since he likely feels a little behind the scenes over the last year due to his very own human sister coming along.

Here’s just a taste of what this lucky dog has experienced. He’s travelled to far away places; He’s been on the longest car ride, 5 days long (to Puerto Vallarta and back from Calgary) through several provinces and states. He’s camped for 5 months in an RV. He’s swam the Pacific coast from BC to.. oh wait, we try to keep him out of the ocean.. in many different pools and yes, even hot tubs… He’s been on ferry’s, wake boarding boats, and on stand up paddle boards. He’s slept on many foreign couches, and he’s eaten everything you can possibly think of (from wasabi to broccoli to underwear). He’s stayed at half a dozen kennels, boarding facilities, peoples homes, and doggie daycares (and while enjoying some of them better than others, he’s not afraid to yell at us if he doesn’t) while his family travels.

He’s the star of the party, a lover of love and scrubs, a gentle giant, and the most energetic guy at any dog park, any day, including today. He’s a people person, and a cuddle bunny. He has no idea how lucky he is, or how large he is. He’s terrible at fetching and mouse hunting. Even when he’s hurting, he’s still wagging and trying to pretend he’s fine. He hates to be alone without his people, especially outside, and like most labs (we’ve heard) there is a screw loose somewhere (one that governs swimming excess), but we love him to bits, as he is our buddy, accepted by his family for being his own goofy self. He always will be, our first born. Happy 10th Birthday Nixon!!!


  1. Happy birthday Nxon!!!! You are one lucky fur baby!!! We have a chocolate lab grandson and we say he’s “special”, Gunnie’s missing many screws!!!! Has no clue his size, loves his people and swimming too!! To say Gunnie misses his “daddy” our son doesn’t even come close, he goes crazy when he hears his voice. What a bond they have, our son is currently deployed and Gunnie is trying to be patient!! Enjoy your travels, I’m not sure how I found your blog but have been reading for a few months I had to comment today as I’m a sucker for cute fur babies!!! Human ones too which by the way your lil girl is too cute!!

  2. I sincerely Love to read your blogs, Jocelyn you remain loved missed and so very appreciated. You and your amazing growing family are inspirational in so many ways and provide heart therapy to me . Hugs and love to all of you everyday and along your life journey.

  3. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for reading our blog, we’re glad you found us.

    We’re glad to hear you enjoyed the stories of Nixon. He’s our first born, a little slower then a few years back but a great and loyal companion. A gentle giant, that our extended family has come to love. Our Moms both cried while reading his blog, they miss him while we’re away. He just has a way with people. A unique and special dog.

    We’ve always found that people who have owned or been around labs tend to congregate together. Like you, lab owners can relate to their unique behaviour and smile with us. Once a lab owner always a lab owner.

    We hope your son returns safely from deployment.

    Thank you for reading.

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