March Flowers

Family Portrait.

This week we’ve been busy again, and it seems like we go somewhere every day. Often the mornings are so busy, we feel bad because we get home just in time for Rylie to nap, but she is so eager to be reunited with all her toys, and equally bad for Nixon who’s so excited to see us, just in time for… more nap time. It would be nice to be closer to the city of San Diego, and maybe next time we’d stay in Encinitas instead of Oceanside not only for the proximity, but also for the good vibes. Anyway, these busy times full of sunshine and good weather are almost over, so it is what it is for now. Time to see some March flowers and the local aquarium before heading back to Canada.

We checked out the Birch Aquarium one day, which was small and far less exciting than the Monterey Aquarium (which was THE best), but it had a few neat exhibits, including the outdoor tide pools, and back indoors, the various species of sea horses. And, you know, a horse is a horse, of course, of course… and who doesn’t love a horse of any type?! ..yes, Rylie.

Another day we went to the The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, and although we got there a bit before the 50 acres of flowers were in full bloom, it was still worth the visit. With plenty of flowers, plants, and kiddie things to see and do it was similar to our pumpkin patch (blog posted last September). Our little flower girl was in her element, and she took her time smelling each and every one she could reach. There was also a sweet pea maz, steam engine tractor rides, playground area, containing a few mini houses which she found amusing, but only after she’d sniffed her fair share of colourful and fragrant blooms. A day would not be complete without riding something… alas, she found a tractor at the exit for her “token” ride.

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