A Little Bit Corny

Family shot at the Calgary Corn Maze

There was a lot of hype on facebook this year about the Corn Maze and so we decided to check it out on Thanksgiving weekend. It was a bit late in the season, and the actual corn maze was unimpressively floppy and brown, but there were tonnes of things to do there to keep us busy, and to make the visit worthwhile. Apparently, others thought the same, and the place was packed.

First, a great petting zoo. They had baby goats, bunnies, mini horses, chickens, a turkey, sheep, and pigs. The kids could go nuts inside the pens and pet, hold (or chase) whatever animal they wanted. If you timed things right, you could watch the pigs race.

Secondly, the various giant slides were certainly a hit. Though the entire grounds were a dust pit, none of the slide participators seemed to mind. They went up and down the slides repeatedly, without hesitation. Both Grandpa Ken and Josh went with the little one. Her face might have said she wasn’t too sure, as they raced to the bottom, but one pointer finger up towards the top and we knew she enjoyed her self and wanted another ride.

Thirdly, the jumping pads, or giant trampolines were super fun. They were crowded and super bouncy. Another hit with both kids and adults.

Finally, the pumpkin patch. Baby girls’ favourite place yet. There was a penned off area FULL of mini pumpkins, and we just plopped her down in there and she proceeded to sort them, handling each one, and smiling. She crawled all over them like none of the walking kids could do. Once she’d had enough of that, it was onto the yard full of larger pumpkins. Kids could decorate them and purchase one to take home.

All in all, I would have come later in the season, but it was a great place to spend the afternoon with your family. There was of course, tasty food, and other games for older kids to enjoy, so by no means did the fun stop there.