Seal Envy

Baby seal

The other day, we went to the surf board museum in Oceanside, which was a small little place with some great boards each along with their own unique story. It was a quick stop that took about 30 minutes but it was on our list to accomplish so we squeezed it in between dog walk, gym, errands and PM nap.

The next morning we drove down to La Jolla, “a high end, affluent neighbourhood” as they say, because we heard from the locals in O’side that the tide pools were neat to poke around at low tide. Unfortunately we couldn’t do that because we heard the beach was off limits to allow safety and privacy of the baby seals and their families that were lazing the shores of the same bay, which was actually a plus because we were able to see them instead. There is always some dumb ass in the crowd taking seal watching the extreme, who tries to get real close and touch one, corner it on the beach, or follow around taking photos of the poor thing from 3 feet away. It seriously makes me roll my eyes and glare. Some people’s children, honestly. We enjoyed watching them swim through the water, and waddle up in down the beach. The seals and Rylie were a good match, similar walking style and cute.

Anyway, after Rylie had her share of rock climbing and poop finding in the sand (yeah she picked a sand covered coiler), and limited interest in seals, we finished up by taking our time walking along the board walk, then wandered up into the village shops, but it was less interested up close. We hit up a coffee shop for crumpets and a cold drink followed by some window shopping (a couple of galleries, a toy store, and quiksilver).

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