Trailer Life

Over the past few months we’ve taken a lot of photos, some of which don’t really fit into a particular category or activity. These are pictures we really like, either artistically, or just because they showcase our life in our trailer. We thought we’d put a quick post together to showcase our trailer life:


Josh standing at his “office”. This is his usual spot, a kind of stand up desk away from the prying hands of Ry. She has a way of finding and discovering new computer shortcuts at inopportune times. You know the times when you’ve just written a blog, haven’t saved it. Yeah those times.


Rylie typing and drawing in HER “office”.


Helping with the dishes after pushing her toy box across the trailer floor.


Rylie in her tiny tub. She’s grown so quickly, its amazing how much more of that little bucket she utilizes.


Nixon doing what he does best… taking up the entire couch, upside down. It’s a tough life for one sappy lab, who finally get’s a much deserved break from Miss Squeal’N’Ear-Pull Attacker.


Dinner time at our trailer. This is not a typical meal, she’s usually strapped into her chair. Its a lot faster, and cleaner that way.


Ry & Nixon stare down.

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