Night Time Adventure

Bubbles and a sunset

Since arriving back in California after Christmas we’ve got a renewed tourist interest, and with that we’ve created a to do list. Because we’ve only got a few days left in Oceanside before heading over to Palm Springs, we had to get started right away ticking off items.

The beach was one item on the list, checked that box twice already. We had some nice sunny days, Rylie enjoys cruising freely, so we couldn’t help ourselves, that was an easy peasy fun way to kill some time.
Fish tacos; another must have, must eat, on our list. We had some with friends on our first beach day (blogged the other day on that), but we were so keen to have them again, we went out with our friends a second night this week. This time, we jumped on the bikes, popped the kiddos in the chariots and made like a biker gang down past to the pier off Pacific Highway. The traffic was light, we took up a whole lane, and followed the sun as is started to disappear over the horizon. It was a great night for a bike ride, the colours were beautiful, the fresh sea air was delicious, the company was good, and of course, we’ve got the whole New Year’s Resolution exercise box checked off on this outing as well.

After taking some time down at the Pier to wander and watch the surfers with a bird’s eye view, marvel at a bubble blower making giant bubbles, and attempting to make it to the end of the pier with hungry children, we turned around 2/3 of the way down, picked up the bikes that we locked at the base of the Pier and headed up to Betties for some tacos.

Their patio was fantastic for the kids, as they were cordoned off into a small section where they could be free to explore without escaping either into the restaurant or out onto the street. The tacos were decently tasty, though maybe a tad too fancy. There was too much greenery and veg for our liking, and sadly, yet accordingly, we had much preferred the chain restaurant variety from the other evening; Josh called the better ones “dirty” which actually just means delicious, and sometimes unhealthy.

Lastly, on our accomplished list this week, we’ve got the hot tub. I’ve been avoiding it due to a recently researched, preconceived notion (probably realistic nonetheless) about the filth of bathing with others in a public place, but when I saw Rylie’s poor little face watch her friend Payten run off to the “pool” without her, I couldn’t help but think “what the heck? let’s go in anyway. We will surely shower following”. She was absolutely delighted to put on her new swim suit and head to the hot tub. We’ve since been twice. Ugh. Yet, we’ve survived.

The other thing worth mentioning, that really doesn’t have anything to do with California, is sleep training. We had had it up to our ears with getting up two or three times per night with a one year old, which is more than she’d done since 6 months old. So, at the top of our list was getting some sleep back.

On the first night, we let her do her thing, and it was terrible, but we wanted to get her used to sleeping in her cave again, and on night two we began preparations. These included getting out a pillow and blanket for beside her bed so we could take turns alternating our comfort of presence. Step two was to explain to 14.5 month old Rylie as we put her to bed that there would be no more milk at night. And step three was going to bed a tad earlier just incase. That’s where it ended. For 4 nights in a row, she hasn’t woke for milk, and slept peacefully through the night. What?! Did she actually catch what I was pitching?! Maybe…..just maybe. Or, maybe she just missed sleeping in her California Trailer Cave.

Ry being Ry
Ry being Ry