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Oceanside Beach

Just in time for big piles of snow and -30 degree weather to settle in to the City it was time for us to fly away back to the sunshine; where your internet is even more terrible than your water pressure. But, who can complain really?! Not us, we are delighted to be back and nothing renews ones appreciation of a great climate more than a little trip down freezing lane.

Even though the weather was terrible we managed to conjure up a ride to the airport from Josh’s dad. If nothing else it was one more chance to see the wee rascal one more time! While cringing over our time crunch, as we crawled through the early morning rush hour my mom calls to suggest that our flight is 2 hours behind when we believe it was to depart, but thankfully on two accounts the traffic wasn’t as bad as it seemed, and our flight was in deed on time. Or, at least we thought.

Bad weather is always a factor when you fly, and this time we were late boarding, and then sat on the tarmac for 1.5 hours as there was a delayed connecting flight to wait for and frozen water pipes in the cabin to thaw. The heat was also not working, which was really fantastic to sit around in, and ponder how excited we were to be leaving this frozen tundra once again. Two weeks was plenty of time to not enjoy being so very cold. Rylie was SO tired once we finally took off that she cried loudly for all to hear for about 15 minutes, but then she won the award for longest sleeping baby on the plane spending the majority of the flight in snoozeland on mom’s lap.

Let me tell you how strange it is to fly back to a foreign city, pick up your car at long term parking, get groceries and pick up your dog from the sitter after a “holiday”. So weird, but I liked it. And even more so since it took us a month to drive down here (it feels SO far) yet we flew back in 3 hours. One day we were trudging through the snow looking at houses, and forcibly ignoring the need to wear boots and coats, and the next afternoon we are back to our “tiny house” near the beautiful beach, walking the dog in flip flops.

Our first day back was deemed trailer maintenance day by Josh, who finally put those scissor jacks back on the trailer. It’s almost like being on solid land again and hopefully it will secure us a bit more sleep at night by minimizing that earthquake sensation Rylie gets while we tip toe our way to the toilet. We had everything all put away and the trailer tidied so the afternoon could be enjoyed at the beach!

Who needs you Mom
Who needs you Mom

Baby Girl had so much fun playing in the sand with her friends, and chasing the seagulls that she forgot that she “couldn’t” walk… and just like that, she stood up and wobbled out a dozen steps all by her lonesome. Whew, proud lips for both mom and dad. Finally! We got our Christmas present after all; it was just on Rylie-time.

Later, since it was taco tuesday, we enjoyed an evening out with friends (new and old) while enjoying some wicked fish tacos from Rubio’s.

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