Who’s who in the Zoo


When the surf is no good, and the weather is so so, what do you do? You can go to the zoo! And, that is what we did. We loaded up the baby backpack and met Kirk and the kids at the San Diego Zoo (where we got an annual membership and 2 visits pays for itself). This is one of the very few times we have ventured out in the morning before nap time to date. But, lately we’ve been trying to push this singleton nap to at least noon, and this zoo day we made it to 1pm, a new record time, and she didn’t even fall asleep on the 40 min car ride home. That is impressive.

We managed to see a lot in our 3.5 hours, a list that includes, giraffes, a zebra, elephants, a leopard, various birds, polar bears, rhino, koala’s, a camel, a llama, flamingo’s and we even rode the gondola. Phew. A whirlwind trip success.

We’re not sure Rylie had a favourite, perhaps the polar bears but we’re not sure. She definitely takes more notice of the animals though.

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