Zoo zoo zoo

Rys first hippo

It’s been so long since I was here in San Diego, about 25 years actually, so the only thing I remember is getting drenched from the graceful bellyflop of Shamu. One thing I do not remember is the hilly terrain of this city. It’s ups and downs are worse than a roller coaster, I didn’t expect the zoo to be laid out the same.

Fortunately there was moving escalators to get you up a few climbs and a gondola to get you down another section. We heaved the stroller on a few others, luckily it was light.

The panda’s were the highlight, the elephants, zebra, and hippo were my other faves. Baby liked the flamingos and the monkeys, but she didn’t see as much as we did.

Zoo’s are overwhelmingly loud with squealing children and so much to see; it didn’t take long for her to zonk out in the carrier and then actually enjoy a quiet pre nap play in stroller with a cover over her a short while later. She did very well, I’d do a zoo again with her.

We got back to the hotel with plenty of time to hit the pool and it was nearly vacant this time. The long weekend crowds had gone home and it was much more relaxing and quiet. Yay!

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